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Wednesday, January 11 2012

Image Magick - Montage with Transparency

I wrestled with this problem for a long time before I found the solution, so I'm posting it here.

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Tuesday, March 29 2011

Polynomial Trendlines

I recently had to generate a polynomial trendline for some data I had. Microsoft Excel can do it (as can some other applications) but I needed to do it "by hand" (actually I did it in Java...)

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Wednesday, February 23 2011

Feeling seedy?

I just received the new catalogue from Eden Seeds.

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Monday, February 21 2011

Duck Duck Go!

A couple of months ago I changed my default search engine to Duck Duck Go, and it's been a great decision.

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Tuesday, September 14 2010

On preaching

Recently, I've been thinking about what it takes to preach well, and I've narrowed it down to 3 aspects

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