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Saturday, May 16 2009

Detecting Cycles with Classycle

Oliver's blog entry inspired me to get off my butt and write something.

Since he was writing about checking for cyclic packages with JDepend, I though it would be worth showing how to do the same thing with classycle.

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Thursday, February 21 2008

Announce - Orthodox Type Reflection Library

Prior to the release of Java 5, the Java library had 1 class that provided access to type information at runtime - java.lang.Class. However, with the introduction of generics in Java 5, this has been extended significantly. Dealing with all these classes, and working with them at runtime, is overly complex, and reduces the power of generics.

Orthodox is a library that makes it easier to work with the Java type system at runtime.

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Java Backwards Compatability

Ted blogged about the absence of leadership in the direction of Java (the language).

One of the comments there suggested we forget about backward compatibility.

I'm not necessarily for or against that idea, but I do think it's worth thinking about, so we know what it is we're trying to preserve, and what we're willing to give up.

By necessity then, the first step must be to define what we mean be backwards compatibility...

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Sunday, April 29 2007

Dimple - a random Google find

The dimple framework turned up after I did some (mostly) random searching on Google.

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Tuesday, April 10 2007

Announce - Tie Method Interception Library

I'm pleased to announce that after sitting around for quite a few weeks, I have finally succeeded in pushing out the first release of "tie"

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