Tie is a method interception toolkit.

It's a simple, zero configuration, library to support dynamic interception at runtime. It doesn't do mixins, it makes no mention of pointcuts or aspects, it simply does method interception.

For projects which already making use of an AOP framework, that's probably not particularly useful - if you're a happy user of Spring-AOP, Guice, AspectWerkz or AspectJ, then Tie probably doesn't offer you anything new. But if (like me) you're not overly into this whole AOP thing, and you just want to use interception to apply the decorator pattern to a mix of different classes, then tie is exactly what you're after.

One of the reasons it took me so long to push the code out (I finished the bulk of the development about 2 month ago) is that I've spent a fair bit of time writing what I hope will be very useful documentation. So I'm going to avoid making this blog entry any longer than it needs to be, and just point you at the docs.