Because this is a small business starting from scratch we really wanted to limit our expenses - particularly recurring expenses.
I also didn't want to become a full-time webmaster, so I was keen to have a hosted solution if possible.
My goal was to find a hosted eCommerce provider that had the option of a per-sale commission rather than a hosting charge. I didn't find one of those, but I found something better...


Ecwid is a fully hosted solution, that embeds into your pages with JavaScript. And they have a free plan.
So now the site is up and running, and all the pages on our server are static (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) but we have an easy to use shopping cart with no additional expenses.

My wife did most of the data entry for the products (I created the first few to test out the solution) and she's been really happy with both the admin side and the user experience side. The free version isn't perfect - there's things we would have liked to have done with it that are only available in the paid version, but there were surprisingly few of those. We're really happy with the outcome, and you can't beat the price.

So, my wife's ethical clothing store is up and running - feel free to check it out at, and if you're looking for sustainable or Fair Trade clothing in Australia, then make a purchase while you're there :)