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Sunday, April 29 2007

Dimple - a random Google find

The dimple framework turned up after I did some (mostly) random searching on Google.

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Tuesday, April 10 2007

Announce - Tie Method Interception Library

I'm pleased to announce that after sitting around for quite a few weeks, I have finally succeeded in pushing out the first release of "tie"

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Wednesday, December 13 2006

Java 7 Language Features

I wanted to respond to Danny Coward's blog entry on Java 7, but his spam detection seem somewhat too rigourous, so I'm making my comments here

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Thursday, October 19 2006

A Continuation of another

Greg has blogged about the ThrottlingFilter I wrote for Jetty. He's covered the situation quite well.

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Tuesday, October 17 2006

Achieving closure

Over the last week or so I've spent some time evaluating the various closure discussions that are floating about.

So, I sat down to write some code. Most of the situations where I've longed for some sort of closure syntax are in iteration contexts - searching lists, filtering lists, etc. - so my first test scenario was just that. I wanted to iterate over a list of integers, and negate each one to produce a new list. Then I wanted to iterate over that list and print out each number.

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